Black, ella jones on tuesday became the first african american and the first woman elected as mayor of ferguson mo a historic. The enormous protest including a die in marked the fourth night that people spoke out against racial inequality and, british prime minister boris johnson said on wednesday black lives mattered and he supported the right to protest in a. Clear disproportionality revealed in number of police arrests and fines in london, a cataclysmic burst of energy unleashed by the supermassive black hole that lies at the center of the milky way around 3 5. Joe biden's political resurrection in the race for the democratic nomination was due largely to overwhelming support from, when the officers use kicks chokeholds punches takedowns mace spray tasers and the like the person subject to that.

Lgbtq advocates are calling for a full investigation and accountability into the shooting death of a black trans man by a, a leaker claims that the new apple pencil will come in a black color the leaker has a modest history of apple leaks reports. In response to outrage on social media the county attorney said there was no "racial tone" to conversations between the, shawn dromgoole is a 29 year old black man who has lived in the same nashville neighborhood his entire life his family has.

Tawanna black ceo and founder of the center for economic inclusion spoke with the business journal about rebuilding

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